Sunday, September 12, 2010

YSL 2010 Spring Necklace and Bracelet

Join the YSL classic, brown satin dress, jade and rose colored side skirts and a half funnel, it may seem too complicated. The main problem is, and other famous French brands are not the same for example, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent. They leave sexual liberation and the liberation of the body, sexual deviation on others and  advocate arts. Yves Saint Laurent's sign is not on details.

What about the accessories of Yves Saint Laurent? Recently the series of early spring of the major brands have begun to put on sale in the market and the early spring series is also vacation series. In the cold winter, we all go to the sunny seaside resort area. The relaxed and colorful costumes are also the summer style, in which YSL 2010 spring series is especially new and striking.

In fact, not only under the mood to enjoy the holiday will you come to the both jewelry series of YSL, we have dry air between the inside moist and its ripple like moving. Beautiful jewelry is not difficult and it is enough to make people feel comfortable.
YSL combines the rough natural materials and artificial modification, especially bracelets, intermediate care golden agate round pedestal as if chiseled out directly, without any sanding, hand-shaped bracket is also casting process developed as a product not perfectly smooth.

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