Monday, September 20, 2010


Hermes Polochon 2010 re-release for that autumn and winter sequence has ready a brand name new product. This bag is created on the soft Evergrain calf, and canvas lining with Chevron. Lightweight, big volume, could be prepared to embark on adventures with you. In addition, this bag also consists of lots of sensible designs, including detachable shoulder strap, a big quantity and also a padlock.

A custom handbag of dual-use! This pros and cons on the ba g could be employed either, and in two colors. It could be known as probably the most practical-purpose handbag, it is Hermes CLéMENCE TAURILLON. You can match it on nearly everything. The dependable coloring material and 3 sutures fit the lively and self-confident girls well. borders pattern is extra polished display their gentle leather. There are Clémence taurillon calfskin and Camargue taurillon and 4 dim coloring combinations to pick from.

The moderate volume, firmness of contour just make the bag have the ability to accommodate objects on the treasure chest. versatile texture, then allow it be totally free to pattern probably the most sensible existence partner. broad shoulder strap will boost comfort. additionally towards two dimensions, there are lots of resources to pick from, swift calf, evergrain calf, or even a super-soft Niloticus alligator.

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