Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jumpsuit inside the Season

Jumpsuit, initially the outfit of the pilot or parachute athletes. For ease of skydiving, the clothing and trousers stitched together, then inside seventies and eighties of final century the reputation on the style industry, countless style celebrities have been fans of this sort of clothing, Elvis and also the Spice Girls for example. considering that 2009, Jumpsuit returned to runway, and quickly runways such as Chanel, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Wang.

In fact, extremely couple of style is distribute towards the standard community from runway to celebrities. First, even the underwear around the road of all styles are well-known in blog. soon after just a little while, close to the streets they are dressed in complete on the fairly child. What is a great deal more less difficult inside summer time than a item of jumpsuit? What else could be so suitable using the naive interpretation on the female dynamics like jumpsuit?

Let's see, what form of jumpsuits on this summer time make you equally fashionable and understanding."When we fell in adore once more using the relaxed and simple to put on attributes of jumpsuits, we discovered it very challenging to go with other items. Not everyone can put on clothes with that perception of style." So I chose to put on one-piece pants, the primary established my thoughts for being a sensible combination of strategies in advance, otherwise you will find yourself searching like a symmetry on the bag."

There is invariably a specific fundamental principle, that include big organic waist top. then you certainly can select the bottom slightly tapered pants necking. whilst a few of trendy generally select to combination and game
diamond jewelry - bracelets, shoes, large dimension on the jewelry, you can surely discover far better away from everyone's attention. be also positive to remember to include these add-ons principles, uncomplicated and steady and harmony, to make sure the fact that central item on the general impact of pants.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gucci G-Frame U-Play

Since the 1921 when Guccio Gucci discovered Gucci, the manufacturer that enjoys a heritage with the excellent aged style model has experienced a vast effect inside the world. As one particular with the world's best high-class style brand, right after Gucci clothes and artificial leather products won the constant achievement inside the world, Gucci lengthy to introduce view sequence inside the 1970s. In 1997, Gucci diamond jewelry sequence arrived out.
given that 1997 when Gucci diamond jewelry brand was introduced, regardless of whether the Italy silver diamond jewelry of many different sections of okay diamond jewelry or even the
18K gold, or even the present selection through the innovative director Frida Giannini Gucci, led by new items launched, all while using Gucci brand's distinctive model and style extravagant design, complemented by powerful globally profits system to turn out to be the world's most eye-catching diamond jewelry products.

In the 1st chinese language courses Gucci outlet of okay diamond jewelry store, many traditional styles, it is feasible to personally try out and really feel the charm, sexiness and stylishness with the Gucci high-class brand, just like 925 Italian sterling silver and 18K silver Chikuma sequence routine series.

In July 2010, the 1st chinese language courses boutique of Gucci view opened in Beijing Parkson buying center gorgeous. a large range of traditional Gucci diamond jewelry sequence have been shown inside the temple. people today hold the chance to encounter the most effective features with the diamond jewelry Gucci style.

Just in Basel, Switzerland, global view reasonable this yr Gucci G-Frame and Gucci U-Play enticed higher praise.Again Gucci demonstrated the spirit of advancement and traditional content material simultaneously. within this pale silver with magnificent boutique store, wherever eye balls are fixed on, the Gucci style boutique just indulge in pleasures with no stop.

whenever you value the G-Frame and U-Play series, it is feasible to uncover that G-Frame delivers out the elegance of femininity that is certainly characteristic of Gucci and reflect the artist with the series. Gucci innovative director Frida Gianini was right after a stability involving model and innovative idea, modern-day graphic art. Therefore, all merchandise of Gucci G-Frame sequence are invariably ideal for Gucci Women.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mulberry Alexa tote in captivating Pink Leopard

I have observed that Mulberry Alexa bags are incredibly warm on this season. They appear just a little comparable to Porenze Schouler from It Bag, which was after incredibly preferred final year. Yet, we need to retain closely using the development if we wish to be considered a chic girl. among the all Mulberry Alexa bags, this 1 in pink leopard stands out because of its unique and charming color. after holding this bag, it endows you having a wild design since it is in pink leopard. This wild and casual colour is incredibly preferred among the celebrities.

I especially adore the deal with in braids which can be among the striking capabilities with this Alexa bag. As towards the condition of bag, it appears like briefcase for men. Yes, you are right. The inspiration within the design and style arrives from guy briefcase. It is an additional unique stage of bag. Fused femininity and some sorts of guy quality, this bag appears extra gorgeous than other custom handbags. There is even now a shoulder strap for shoulder carrying. The golden hardware appears absolutely nothing unique on this bag.

It may be the pink leopard colour and also the unique condition that creates it stands out. Owing to its exceptional shape, I believe of college bags. I do not know why I usually associate it with college bags. They should have some thing in common. What would you believe of it? It seriously appears like a college bag so it calls up my storage of my college times. I cherish individuals pieces of memories as I possess a gentle area for my older universities and I overlook my classmates.

This bag is incredibly popular. among the motives may possibly lies in its youthful vigor. It is developed for youthful and productive girls. They do not like individuals luxurious custom handbags which may possibly be as well showy for youthful and beautiful girls. This bag is just developed for you, youthful girls!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hermes Polochon 2010 re-release for that autumn and winter sequence has ready a brand name new product. This bag is created on the soft Evergrain calf, and canvas lining with Chevron. Lightweight, big volume, could be prepared to embark on adventures with you. In addition, this bag also consists of lots of sensible designs, including detachable shoulder strap, a big quantity and also a padlock.

A custom handbag of dual-use! This pros and cons on the ba g could be employed either, and in two colors. It could be known as probably the most practical-purpose handbag, it is Hermes CLéMENCE TAURILLON. You can match it on nearly everything. The dependable coloring material and 3 sutures fit the lively and self-confident girls well. borders pattern is extra polished display their gentle leather. There are Clémence taurillon calfskin and Camargue taurillon and 4 dim coloring combinations to pick from.

The moderate volume, firmness of contour just make the bag have the ability to accommodate objects on the treasure chest. versatile texture, then allow it be totally free to pattern probably the most sensible existence partner. broad shoulder strap will boost comfort. additionally towards two dimensions, there are lots of resources to pick from, swift calf, evergrain calf, or even a super-soft Niloticus alligator.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paris Hilton Stirs Portofino with Christian Dior Blue Tote

Look at the symbolic head string and side-swept blond hair, everyone knows it is Paris Hilton who is going to cause a fashion stir, but who knows what handbag would have the honour to be showed around from her gigantic closet?

The Chanel quilted leather flap bag with which she pairs her pink calico dress, or the sappire Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma tote she takes with to grab all eyes? No, no one can predict Paris Hilton's thoughts, not to speak of keeping pace with her capricious likes. This time she wants a lake-blue Christian Dior python tote to top off her beach getup. Just look the stunning sunny Paris Hilton the Queen with the luxe. I just don't understand why the silly Stavros Niarchos broke up with such a gorgeous girlfriend!

Everytime Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton goes for street spree there is a huge stir. People rush to see the heiress not for her private helicopter but for what fashion information she conveys. It seems lots of celebs has spent their summer vocation in Italy, but I bet Jessica Simpson's maxi dress and three lumbersome Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas totes can't be to-die-for fashion target.

It is Paris Hilton who needn't give any speech, strolling as carefree as possible on the street of Portofino and expecting her purple blouse and dress plus the most amazing Christian Dior bag to invite everyone's envy and pursuit!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Choice of This Summer: Cole Haan Handbag

This summer, the Cole Haan Handbag features dual natures, the pregant shape and simplity and practicality. They are suitable to match the various styles of clothing well. The unique style and chic design of stitches highlight the design sense of Cole Haan as a luxury brand.
The multi-functional and beautiful appearance co-exist. It is a good choice for your leisure commuting! As the symbol of the U.S. luxury fashion brands, regardless men or women shoes, handbags, personalized or hand-stitched leather jackets, each quarter Cole Haan introduces high-quality styles. In order to create adorable Cole Haan Handbag, Cole Haan is always able to process from the solid and the perfect combination of modern technology to get inspired and make reform and innovation.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Picnic large satchel wrinkled texture is another handbag in vogue. The unique shape allows you to instantly transfigure yourself to be a current leader. The generous and practical body makes it the best shopping friend. Ferragamo Ferragamo G Mediterraneo mercury shiny gold leather handbag is another one that competes with Cole Haan.
 It is charctersitics of the shine gloss material while the design of the body of the bag is girly. The female Ruching elegant treatment's atmosphere is natural. Especially the bags you want are not too high profile, this is the best choice.

However, if I am asked to choose one among this three kinds, I will choose Cole Haan Handbag. I think it is right for this summer.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kelis Sings for Dior

Since the openning ceremony of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Dior keeps busy and stunningly luxurious. One after another superstar is invited to Dior's nest and each of them spares no effort to glitter Dior. On May 20 this luxurious assembly gets to its climax. Kelis performed a selection of her hit songs in front of Dior's respected stars Cherlize Theron and Marion Cotillard,

just have a quick look at the list of guests that night is enough to stun you. All of them are so high during the perfect moment of celebrating the opening of Dior's great new flagship store in Shanghai.

John Galliano's invitation of Kelis proves to be 100% wise. Her hot performance and incredible songs simply brings everyone present to the peak of happiness. Every detail in Kelis is Dior, a thorough French Dior. We can recall Galliano's high-key announcement that Dior comes to Shanghai as the ambassor of French art and French inspiration while other big brands like Chanel and Gucci all give salution to Chinese muse.

After the performance by Kelis, Dior has more in store for millions of fans. A runway show regarding Dior 2011 summer resort collection is given and a short film Lady Blue Shanghai(By the way, David Lynch is the scenario and director) is revealed. Gee, really a to-die-for canival.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Valentino Lambskin Bow Shopping Tote

Bow is really a popular item among women’s daily dress, evening dress or handbags. Adding the element of bow to your clothes will make you more feminine and charming. The first time I saw this Valentino Lambskin Bow Shopping Tote, I wondered whether this elegant bow tote is for shopping. It is so gorgeous that it always reminds me of evening party or noble ladies.

Without the outstanding red bow, I think the bag will be very plain. So the red bow can be regarded as the core element of the whole bag.

In my eyes, the red bow is just place to the right angle which makes it looks more beautiful. You may think the bag will be dull with only a bow as the decoration. However, when you see it by yourself, you won’t say that. Look, it is the red bow
that decorates the bag very well. The Lambskin leather is always loved by women as it is very soft and smooth to the touch.

Once you have this elegant bag, you will be fond of this bright accessory in glossy. I bet that if you go shopping with this Valentino Lambskin Bow Shopping Tote, you will be very satisfied with it as it will make you the center of other’s attention. You look so stylish as well as gorgeous when carrying it in hand.
Why do we use it as a shopping tote? That’s because it is very practical with metal feet to protect the base of your pretty bag, inside zipper pocket for the collection of small things. Moreover, it measures at 41W×30H×11D cm which will be absolutely spacious for your things when go shopping. As to the double handles with 7 drop, you will hold the bag with it comfortably. There is no reason to refuse such a luxurious and functional bag.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Gossip Girl Boom Celine

Phoebe Philo, the new design director of Celine,  will put up the first series in the 15 Celine stores around the world.

Next year we will see that the concept of guidance from the Phoebe Philo boutiques. First of all, the flagship store in Montaigne Avenue Montaigne in Paris is refreshing. The company also develops the wholesale business. Now there are 250

worldwide partners. Wholesale, from the classic leather jacket to sell well. Celine Women business in the U.S. is very good.

Phoebe Philo believed that the U.S. is an important market for Celine.
Phoebe Philo Celine said before and it will continue to adhere to the strategy, rely mainly on the retail system, and now
Celine has 115 boutiques worldwide, accounting for 70% of sales. However, Internet sales will continue the road.

By the third season the "Gossip Girl" as if created a group of young and beautiful It Girl and It Boy, although the story is always far-fetched quarterly and make people worry that it will not go on the play.

But dramatis personae of clothing and bags are becoming more and more hot. And the play made a star of the hottest models when the number of natural actress Serena in the second quarter recurring Celine in the same series of handbags, "Watch Me Work" and "Watch Me Move", even including her beautiful and elegant man, she is also a fan of Celine It Bag.

In addition, a number of It Girl also hold a hot Dior Lady Dior, Miu Miu mosaic stripe bag, Chanel's 2.55, etc.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

YSL 2010 Spring Necklace and Bracelet

Join the YSL classic, brown satin dress, jade and rose colored side skirts and a half funnel, it may seem too complicated. The main problem is, and other famous French brands are not the same for example, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent. They leave sexual liberation and the liberation of the body, sexual deviation on others and  advocate arts. Yves Saint Laurent's sign is not on details.

What about the accessories of Yves Saint Laurent? Recently the series of early spring of the major brands have begun to put on sale in the market and the early spring series is also vacation series. In the cold winter, we all go to the sunny seaside resort area. The relaxed and colorful costumes are also the summer style, in which YSL 2010 spring series is especially new and striking.

In fact, not only under the mood to enjoy the holiday will you come to the both jewelry series of YSL, we have dry air between the inside moist and its ripple like moving. Beautiful jewelry is not difficult and it is enough to make people feel comfortable.
YSL combines the rough natural materials and artificial modification, especially bracelets, intermediate care golden agate round pedestal as if chiseled out directly, without any sanding, hand-shaped bracket is also casting process developed as a product not perfectly smooth.

My Black Chanel classic flap bag

I just love the red Chanel classic flap bag of big size, unfortunately only black and beige Chanel classic flap bags are available.

As for the limited edition in the Valentine's Day, only the orange patent leather was available and the color for me is too sharp. I continued preaching in the black Chanel classic flap bag of the medium size, then I leaved quickly after buying.

Although the soft lambskin is good, I am not a person who can take good care of a designer handbag. It was at a rush when I bought it, actually I forgot to have a look at the Chanel 2.55. Yet it was priced at HKD23400, really expensive.

The medium Chanel classic flap bag has so many compartments but they are all separated so the capacity is limited. My long-wallet accounts for 2 / 3 of the space and keys and wallet almost takes up the remaining space.

Someone implied me that I should change another designer handbag. How much is the medium 2.55 going for now? I don't know. Everyone is saying it’s a must-have item and a dream that they want to come true. The Chanel classic flap bag has a finish as tough as Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. It is known that Louis Vuitton monogram canvas can stand a long time, this Chanel classic flap bag can also stand the test of time, which I discribe as outlive.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chanel's Men Beauty to Interpret Bags

A few days ago, the well-known fashion photographer David Byun shooted a group of commercials for the classic Chanel handbag series. In the commercials, you can find something interesting that David Byun let two stout half-naked male models interpreted the various Chanel handbags.

It is just difficult to imagine that a muscular half-naked man could hold a prosperous and elegant timeless Chanel classic 2.55, paragraph in such an ineffective way. Whether or not, the idea of making use of the male models is of great eye-catching function.
In fact, Chanel using the "male beauty" to promotional its products is not a new tactics. In the early days, Karl Lagerfeld had made use of Baptiste Giabiconi in the "Love Mother Complex "between the common interpretation of the classic Chanel handbags.
Chanel's "oedipus complex" advertisement is bold and rebellious. You can imagine that with the growing rise of the "male beauty consumption" , more male beauty in the future will involve in the ladies fashion field. The female molds might be afraid that they will face unprecedented competition and impact. Basically, the women's faces, skins and bodies are often used in various types of advertising, especially the kind of goods designed for male clients. In order to attract the attention of men, playing the "beautiful card" is often the most effective tactic. However, it was Chanel that created the dangerous precedent.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alexander McQueen and Gucci's fate

In December 2000, Alexander McQueen made an alliance with Gucci Group and he achieved 51% stake of the company and served as the company's creative director at the same time. Who would have thought that Alexander McQueen would suddenly commit suicide. The PR department of the parent Gucci Group reduced to a distressed mood for a few days and also had to deal with inquirie from journalists and also organized related press conferences. The company employees were asked to conserve their views in advance. CEORobertPolet took part in various activities undertaken to commemorate Alexander McQueen but was able to be calm. These were to show the great support for the big star from Gucci.

Strictly speaking, Gucci Group has not much relationship with the family-owned businesses. In 1993, an Arab investment group company grasped time to make 50% of Gucci's shares listed an put an end to the era of Gucci under the family control. Now Gucci has made a great success and it is now the world's third-largest luxury goods group.

The large-scale Gucci Group now includes Gucci, BottegaVeneta, YvesSaintLau-rent, YSL Beaute, Balenciaga, Boucheron, SergioRossi, BEDAT & CO, AlexanderMcQueen and StellaMcCartney and many other famous international brands. Bewildering a variety of products including clothing, accessories, jewelry, leather goods, watches, cosmetics, perfume, Gucci has become the synonymous of the new modern-ism.

In some degree, Alexander McQueen had made a lot contributions to the success of Gucci.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag

Louis Vuitton has just released a new set of Monogram Canvas handbags entitled The Boetie Collection, and the collection is nothing less than stunning! The Boetie Collection features three different sizes the: PM; MM; and GM, but absolute favorite is the PM version.

When I first saw this Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag was available for the Boetie handbag I immediately thought that the handbag would be microscopic. But I am wrong! The measurements of the Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag are, 14.3″ x 9″ x 6.3″, making it larger than a Speedy 30 which has measurements of, 11.8″ x 8.3″.
Some features of the Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag include: golden brass hardware; zipped closure; leather flap with golden brass twist lock; studs on the bottom; and open pockets in the interior. The only major downfall about this handbag is the excessive amount of vanchetta featured on the handbag. This is one bag that you would have to take extra care for, being that it is considered a high maintenance bag.

What I love most about the Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag is that it really is a sophisticated and classy handbag. The bag can literally be worn day or night at any occasion, and no matter what it will still look fabulous. This bag retails for $1,860, which I agree is a little too much for this handbag. I will admit though that I am absolutely in love with this handbag, and I’m considering to pick one up. If you think this price is high, you can choose some replica Louis Vuitton handbags from LVBAGMALL at good price.

The Louis Vuitton Boetie PM Bag is timeless and gorgeous, what more could you ask for in a handbag.

Louis Vuitton Brows the 90s Wind

"Decadent fashion" is a popular element in 90s of last century, the key to the appearance of loose dirty show that stands out the uninhibited personality. The rock concert to commemorate the T shirt outside the set of a plaid flannel shirt is the most typical mix. The cowboy was also very popular at that time when young people love wearing jeans hypertrophy.

In the 2010 spring and summer runway, in order to surf-inspired Topshop Unique Bermuda shorts in the new series, the coolest design was popular. Balenciaga shows took us to enjoy the sexy and soft leather hood clothing while as for Gucci, the new series of similarly is inspired by extremist movements, displaying the in scuba-inspired suits and dresses, which have a hasp and the hollow processing.

As for Marc by Marc Jacobs, the dazzling colors randomly come together, for example blue accompanied by red and green, purple, accompanied by green and yellow.

Louis Vuitton also got the inspiration from Marc Jacobs. The  new spring and summer series of purse of the brand has a luxurious change with embossed leather matching the tassels and other pouches, or fur serving as a long tail. If you want cheaper and more direct look, then they would have the number of American Apparel in which  there are all kinds of nylon and denim fabric texture pockets bags.

Miu Miu Stage Bag or Chanel 2.55

Both Chanel and Miu Miu are excellent pioneers in woman fashion industry. Their tastes are unique and both of them are called unparalleled. Fortunately, the bag that I am going to discuss with you was not born in the same era with Chanel 2.55. Otherwise I will say it is a replica Chanel 2.55 bag. I say this not for the reason I dispise Miu Miu and ignore its status in fashion industry. It is because Miu Miu Stage Bag looks like Chanel 2.55.

Whenever I see this Miu Miu Stage Bag, I am afraid at first sight to be familiar with the Chanle2.55. Miu Miu is so excellent that the material of the bag is soft with the bright accessories and  bright density and fine handwork.

It is in Cruise 2010 that Miu Miu first presented its Stage bags. The Stage bag collection is thought to be made with buttery soft Nappa leather or lurex fabric. Yet the most beautiful part of the bag is the detachable and crystal handle straps. Also, it can be used as a clutch.

The entire collection comes in three groups of three bags and various kinds of colors. Anyway, I like Miu Miu Stage Bag more than Chanel 2.55 though it looks like Chanel 2.55 but I think it is a refined version which is much better.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tara Reid with Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag in Patent

Once famous for her roles in big box office movies such as The Big Lebowski and American Pie, Tara Reid is one actress that just seemed to fall through the cracks. However, as my husband will tell you, she was pretty darn cute in her brief role as Danni on Scrubs (one of his favorite sitcoms). Despite of all this, it looks like Tara still has a great sense of style.

She’s all smiles as she signs an autograph outside the studio after her appearance on New York’s PIX11 Morning News Show. For the occasion, she wore a black turtleneck and jeans. To help keep her toasty warm, Tara also had on a puffy black coat with fur trim. And her accessory of choice?

Why it was none other than the Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag in Black Patent Leather! Not only is this bag perfect for completing one’s winter ensemble, it is great for everyday use year round as well. Plus the patent leather adds just a touch of glamor, making this bag perfect for day or night!

Are you going to have the same style like Tara, pls visit LVBAGMALL to choose some replica designer handbags at good price.