Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beautiful Legend of Celine

Celine design director Phoebe Philo's influence can be described as sweeping the fashion industry - in the earlier editorial in the street does not staff the box has a Celine bag?

The spring fashion show designers emphasized two elements: T-shirts and coats, are very beautiful hand-woven silk, apparently all has been done for 10 years, from hand-woven Frenchwoman hands. Another example is the return of Philo's new fiber mentality: sewing pattern sewing techniques, frayed canvas and denim, or even a long spike scarf.
Logo designer fashion show before the area began to explore another interest is the printing. In the old riff on soft thin thick geometric design - a dynamic graphics to play melodies in the traditional process. But do not be fooled, only a few can have Celine's logo, one is enhanced by ivory white, and gray.

Moreover, Philo the dispersion of fashion design. Long, with deep hem pants streamlined. In addition to a super mixture of brightly colored shawl, she often refused to custom into the tunic jacket, hollow, or even a Baja jacket.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gucci 3D Glasses to Show off

Recently Gucci launched the brand's first 3D glasses which make use of the popular 80's retro style design, 6D arc lens, and can support the type of polarization RealD 3D technology. Usually it also can be worn as sunglasses.

It is polarized by a single product multiple mirror technology so that the wearer, though use as ordinary sunglasses, will not distort the image. As a pair of 3D glasses that is wearing in the theater, it can also enhance the contrast effect, and in the cinema up to 98% transmittance, will not lead ring visual effect.

In addition, the anti-reflective back mirror effect increases the viewing comfort, which will not cause astigmatism, glare and other issues. When fashion meets high tech big-name designers, the price will witness a certain increase.

Gucci 3D glasses is priced at $ 275 for the time being and  will be held in December in the United States limited Gucci store sales. With 3D TV, the popularity of 3D monitors, there will be more and more fashion brands to join the ranks of the design of 3D glasses.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton's Julie de Libran

Julie de Libran was born in France. She was not only the freedom-loving character of the wandering of her personal style, but also to show in her Louis Vuitton designed for the resort and cruise line. For the native designers in romantic terms, and sometimes also from the mother's closet to find a source of inspiration.

Let us take a look at Julie de Libran's office in which there are many unique and ancient ornaments. In her office, design sketches and family photos on the shelf, and many unique and ancient ornaments, Julie de Libran said it was her from the antique flea market in Amoy, she also claimed that there is a change in the sport they like things.

This movement in her design philosophy also be reflected. Over the past two years, she served as design director of Louis Vuitton women's collection, her boss, Marc Jacobs, said Julie de Libran is a genuine soul in the building Vuitton girl, so all the design is so natural.

Her heart for their own customers have been to many parts of the image of the city girls who are educated and have a romantic, just like the way that I like Julie de Libran.