Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beautiful Legend of Celine

Celine design director Phoebe Philo's influence can be described as sweeping the fashion industry - in the earlier editorial in the street does not staff the box has a Celine bag?

The spring fashion show designers emphasized two elements: T-shirts and coats, are very beautiful hand-woven silk, apparently all has been done for 10 years, from hand-woven Frenchwoman hands. Another example is the return of Philo's new fiber mentality: sewing pattern sewing techniques, frayed canvas and denim, or even a long spike scarf.
Logo designer fashion show before the area began to explore another interest is the printing. In the old riff on soft thin thick geometric design - a dynamic graphics to play melodies in the traditional process. But do not be fooled, only a few can have Celine's logo, one is enhanced by ivory white, and gray.

Moreover, Philo the dispersion of fashion design. Long, with deep hem pants streamlined. In addition to a super mixture of brightly colored shawl, she often refused to custom into the tunic jacket, hollow, or even a Baja jacket.

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