Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alexander McQueen 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook

All the fashionistas can't accept Alexander McQueen's sudden fade from the world in the early 2010, then what will new Alexander McQueen designer do to maintain the fashion glory Alexander McQueen has left?

And what style will new Alexander McQueen adopt? To keep to the typical Alexander McQueen accent or fight a brand-new way out? Sarah Burton doesn't tell us yet. Can she be as amazing as Frida Giannini who keeps Gucci glory after Tom Ford left?

The only positive answer is, Sarah Burton does receive acknowledgement in 2011 Milan Spring/Summer Fashion Week. Then look at the refreshing Alexander McQueen 2011 Spring/Summer lookbook and find something breathtaking.

The edgy tone is slightly cut and more femininity is introduced into 2011 Alexander McQueen couture. How do you like Sarah Burton's way to interpret Alexander McQueen style?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Balenciaga 2011 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Look at these awesome keywords for Balenciaga 2011 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show: futurism, fighter, mix-and-match between real leather and artificial, Houte Couture craftsmanship.

Are you dazzled? Keep calm and listen to what Nicolas Ghesquiere says. "2011 Spring/Summer belongs to boyish tone. I adapt boys' closets for girls. Plus, I think the boy side in every girl is most attractive."

Nicolas Ghesquiere gains his muse from assorted musics. Rock&Roll, Punk, Hard Rock, Gothic and things like that. The runway show shows off London Punk, vintage Rock&Roll and roadside grunge philosophy.

Nicolas Ghesquiere interpretes his idea with what he's good at-mix and match skill. He pulls artificial fabric and natral texture together, interlacing fake leather with the real. How do you like it?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Givenchy Red Gifts for Christmas

Property red no longer just means passion. This time to more cold, cold tone dim red with a strong sense of presence, but it has nothing to do with the traditional. Can be high-profile red from head to toe, including shoes and socks; just a single product to fashion, handbags, boots or stockings; to just a pair of gloves or a simple touch of red lips. But not so festive with the red more attractive, because we need is decorative, rather than additional properties.

Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci ambitions plain, already in its 2010 autumn and winter series (others still busy to cope when the camel and khaki) to add a few black keynote shocking red pen.

Pandora famous Givenchy handbag Nightingale and also launched a red version, and the red geometric modeling wide bracelet, are very useful with a single product, fashionable and classic, worth the investment.

Wallet, wallets, business card holder, clutch ... ... Chanel light Qian neat small leather goods, to a joyful atmosphere and the people love the charm of interpretation can not bear, in the final days of the season upon us, both as Presented a reward of their

own or friends, can ignite the joy from the heart smile. Christmas series of small leather goods inspired by Chanel compact that the modern, elegant visual beauty.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2008 Spring/Summer Handbags

Every season famous designer Marc Jacobs bring many surprises to its subline thanks to its continuous inspirations. In this spring/summer season, he kept on breaking rules and utilized different materials and accessories to make every handbag exude extraordinary glamor.

The theme of this brandnew Marc by Marc Jacobs 2008 Spring/Summer accessory series is aviation. The handbag collection echoed with garment collection and formed retro yet sweet female image. He released brandnew Airliner Jacquard, Lux Laminated, Softy Colorblock and Miss Marc as a Stewardess handbag collections.

These collections presented its young and energetic designing inspirations perfectly. The element of aviation uniforms was a line throughout the whole collection and exuded elegant temperament of stewards.

Airliner Jacquard is the main handbags of this season with two types: Captain and Pilot. The exterior is crafted in canvas printed "Marc by Marc Jacobs" with leather trimmings. It is quite retro with chic shoulder strap in contrasting colors.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

See What Happens to Profits of Mulberry

Mulberry CEO Godfrey Davis said: "We see the area before the relatively strong organic sales growth, and we found some areas and the original is not very strong sales in emerging international markets is also very strong. Asian astonishing sales Excellent, U.S. sales are also very good. "

Mulberry handbag this season have sold in the best-selling models, including Alexa, TV presenter Alexa Chung is the name of the bag, which bag the price is relatively cheap, priced at 500 pounds. Other styles of bags priced at around £ 1,000.

Godfrey Davis said: "Most people would think to spend a lot of money in the bag it would be unwise, but we can afford the absolute value of quality bags at this price. Female friends use every day bag, so to have one yourself How happy a good bag is a wise thing."

Over the past two months, the company reported sales much better than expected, so the company shares also rose by 7%. Godfrey Davis said, Mulberry Bayswater has always been the best-selling product is still in the top sales position, this bag is a Kate Moss to lead the first wave of popularity after. This bag as utility, not play, but also consumers affordable luxury.

According to the Financial Times reported, Mulberry predicted this fall in wholesale revenue growth more than doubled to a level significantly higher than last year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

What Extravagances that Men Must Experience?

Men are also human. Who says chasing fashion is the only right of women? Men should fight for their rights. Here are introductions about extravagances that men should own.

The first one is Louis Vuitton Trolley Luggage Case. The history of over 100 years is a certification of top quality. Louis Vuitton was developed from producing leather products and harness and it seems that it was born with aristocratic temperament. Their luggage bags will make your journey more elegant.

The second one is Gucci leather products. Gucci Group which was located in Florence is the largest business group in Italy. Since it was founded in 1923, Gucci has been world-famous for its high class, luxury and sexy styles. Their products are symbol of status and wealth.

The third one is Chanel No.5 perfume. In 1931, Coco Chanel who was considered to be deviated from the path of righteousness founded Chanel in Paris. From now on, the simple yet elegant CC logo drive all the women crazy. And Marilyn Monroe once said, "My best pajamas is Chanel No.5.", which made all men memorize Chanel.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Review on Prada 2009 Spring/Summer Handbags

Prada 2009 Spring/Summer Handbags echo to simple yet classic spring/summer fashion clothes and come back to the most basic elements: pure touch sensation and impression. The feminity of the bags is impressive.

The handbags of this collection feature shirring and they are crafted in soft lambskin, python leather, high-tech python grained nylon and other luxurious materials . The perfect combination of vintage and modern elements is hard to be resisted by fashion aficionados.
 The gorgeous python leather handbag is decorated by cute snakeskin bowknot and elegant handles. There is also a type designed with multifunctional materials with jaquard weave nylon bag bottom. The shirring bag is soft with unique leather drawstring.

The colors of the louis vuitton fake handbags are various including light beige, chocolate color and black. The utilization of python leather is spectacular. Sometimes the python leather is joined by brown leather, sometimes is by nylon. The colors of the bags can be found in the clothes collection so that you can match bags with clothes very well.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nike Dunks High Custom Super Mario

Hooray! I have found the most suitable pair of shoes to give my nephew as Christmas gift. He loves Mario very much, so do I. I'm talking Nike Dunks High Custom Super Mario, a vibrant colored sneakers. Inspired by the famous game "Super Mario", the shoes are quite alluring to children born in 1980s and 1990s. Mario was first came out in 1982 and became an immediate hit. He turned up
again 2 years later in Mario Bros, his initial title role. This game introduced Luigi to the world, too.

Mario first came home on Nintendo Entertainment System in the game Super Mario Bros which is one of the best selling games

I used to be addicted in Super Mario Bros in my primary school time. Every weekend I played this game with my neighbor
Ann, a lusty girl 2 years younger than me. When I first saw Nike Dunks High Custom Super Mario, I thought back the happy times in my childhood.

designer handbags gros is characterized by a vivid color combination with some loud colors printed through out the shoe. You can see red printed on the whole toe area and lace panels.

White and blue is printed to the Nike Swoosh and shoe lace. The yellow trimming and patch are very eye-catching. Look,buy womens designer handbags online Mario is
making a V gesture and smiling to you. He will make you happy in a boring day.

C'mon and buy a Nike Dunk High Custom Super Mario. Don't be hesitant to relive your childhood! For more updated introductions about Nike shoes.