Thursday, December 16, 2010

See What Happens to Profits of Mulberry

Mulberry CEO Godfrey Davis said: "We see the area before the relatively strong organic sales growth, and we found some areas and the original is not very strong sales in emerging international markets is also very strong. Asian astonishing sales Excellent, U.S. sales are also very good. "

Mulberry handbag this season have sold in the best-selling models, including Alexa, TV presenter Alexa Chung is the name of the bag, which bag the price is relatively cheap, priced at 500 pounds. Other styles of bags priced at around £ 1,000.

Godfrey Davis said: "Most people would think to spend a lot of money in the bag it would be unwise, but we can afford the absolute value of quality bags at this price. Female friends use every day bag, so to have one yourself How happy a good bag is a wise thing."

Over the past two months, the company reported sales much better than expected, so the company shares also rose by 7%. Godfrey Davis said, Mulberry Bayswater has always been the best-selling product is still in the top sales position, this bag is a Kate Moss to lead the first wave of popularity after. This bag as utility, not play, but also consumers affordable luxury.

According to the Financial Times reported, Mulberry predicted this fall in wholesale revenue growth more than doubled to a level significantly higher than last year.

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