Friday, October 29, 2010

Mature Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Rebecca Minkoff is highly praised by Hollywood stars of new generations. Her style of designing is both energetic and sophisticated with some retro elements. Let's take a close look at the latest Rebecca Minkoff handbags.
Rebecca Minkoff Burgundy Colored Cowhide MAB Mini Handbag is a gorgeous piece. The design of the bag is quite innovative. The details of shoe lace piercing and ancient zipper pull give fashion pilgrims a fresh and exotic look.

The next nifty piece is Rebecca Minkoff Black Quilting Cowhide MAB Mini Bag. There are white spots on the diamond texture of the black leather surface. The tassel detail exudes feminine glamor and the rounded double handles will give you very comfortable feeling.
The last one is Rebecca Minkoff Burgundy Colored Cowhide Admire Backpack. The large capacity and the functional side flap pockets are selling points. There are two zip-like design on the flap, which is quite unique. The sleek leather and polished golden metallic hardware will make you satisfied.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sarah Burton Takes Over Duties of Alexander McQueen

Since Alexander McQueen passed away in the early February , who will take over his namesake brand has been a topic of concern. Although the successor to the prior rumors has always been the issue, and Gareth Pugh and Olivier Theyskens are hot candidates for director positions, but ultimately it is still Gucci Group that is so unexpected, It appointed Sarah Burton to be the new designer who had been the assistant of McQueen before.

The female designers Sarah Burton graduated from the Central Saint Martins College in London in 1996 formally joined the McQueen's design team. Since 2000 so far, she has followed McQueen for 14 years and has been his competent assistant. McQueen did not complete the 2010 autumn and winter series, but it is under the lead of Sarah Burton, then it was able to show in March on this year's Paris Fashion Week show.

When referring to McQueen when the brand's future design direction, Sarah said he always will remain unique brand of dark ideas, but would add some female perspective of a lighter design. Sarah's father was an accountant and his mother was a music teacher, Sarah is interested in clothes from an early age, she is precisely the interest in guidelines, applied for the Central Saint Martins College.

She was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the McQueen brand, and this work has been continued to the present. She learned a lot about McQueen around design details, McQueen hands-on personality, making her learn a lot in the design of the most valuable knowledge.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

See How Gucci and Tod's Connect with iPad

Gucci is the first luxury brand to support iPad. It has introduced two kinds of software. The first software shows the world of Gucci that there is a autumn series of 2010 album that you can flip with your fingers. In addition, there is the video of the Gucci conferences, the shoes shop that the brand openned along with DJ Mark Ronson, creative director Frida Giannini's iTunes music, plus a black address book of her favorite city.

Another software is to introduce the launch of the new Gucci perfume, Guilty. Visitors can view and understand the keynote of the design concept of this kind of perfume.

 Tod's "My Life In This Bag" mainly takes their main D-bag series, including video clips, book list and pictures. Each bag can browse the full range of interactive information that provides color and texture. The software is simple to browse, and the D-bag production process is also valuable.

In the night out activities in the New York Fashion Week, MaxMara launched a free application software. Consumers are free to mix Cube jacket with fur on the inside such as vests, fox cuffs, hooded warm interior.

However, this is not for the purchase while where more products are able to be on display.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Renewed Classic on Handbags in Season

The fall handbags make use of the renewed classic profile. Lady style backpack with top handle and a small smooth leather, New Look very stylish profile. Leather or sheep leather bags for a variety of contours, like teddy bears, like people want to hold the feeling. Akiba leather and suede reference color, or colors from the light-colored cosmetics draw inspiration. Clutch is the main single product, and the use of the wrist convenient and attractive sets of handles, become more practical.

The first step is manual processing. Hippie style manual processing is superb, feathers, beads, silver wire woven yarn and the combination of woven leather to create a sense of simplicity and lack trendy tote bags, wooden beads and feathers reflect the African arts and crafts, fur shoulder bag with gold embroidery to create high-end line of bohemian style.

The second step is soft leather. Sheep leather for clothing changes for bags, classic style bag with sheep leather, distribute and comfortable atmosphere, soft sheep leather purses are fun, fashionable style for the yellow, soft sheep leather bag kind of rough feeling.

The third step is charm of the fur. Runway sets the trend of the fall leading fur coat is used bags, very eye-catching, gray and black fur to create a beautiful checkerboard pattern, fur clutch with metallic leather cover,

so witty large round eyes bulging cartoon bag bag full of vitality in a treasure box treasure box package to both classic and modern design more and more popular, large gold bracelet handle into the modern sense, to create a small ball bags, silk purses, or paint to create the day or night dress, smooth brown leather to create a novel form of small boxes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show Ipad or Ipad Pack?

With the iPad globally in vogue, various brands just introduced related accessories one by one. All luxury brands have put on a protective coat for iPad . Doomed to failure this season was undoubtedly the most essential parts iPad Kit. As Steve Job Evaluated Apple products in this way that "each one is art", once you have this piece of art, of course, from a fashion point of view we should consider.

ipad can be described as a best seller, regardless of tidal stars per capita necessary to have a hot product, the ipad. How to choose a kind of jacket that can be consistent with their tastes and complement each other. Burberry,

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, TOD's, etc. have launched a public big rush. Now let's take a look at our selection of recommended iPad jackets.

Kim Jones, director of Dunhill design also pay attention to the market and personally penned beautifully ipad protection kits. High quality leather and unique style to create the envelope package. 
It is available in spring and summer 2011 series accessories. We see a variety of protective cover attachment right after iPad was launched in the market for less than two weeks. Days ago, we saw one at the price of $ 410, and today it goes the cheap route and now at $ 59 asking price. Of course, the quality is poorer.

This is all hand-made, through PayPal, Visa and other payment, postage is $ 8, sent from Germany. This is a bacon style jacket, in appearance, the coat and barbecue pork store no different, in fact, it is made from wool, fur and

olive soap materials.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Omega's Legend of Mechanical Watch

In the previous two along with a half centuries, the mechanised enjoy has certainly not been the "heart" - escapement been considerable improvements. The inventor and Dr. Daniel George, master clocks invented in your 1980s, and was carried forward OMEGA coaxial escapement is definitely an exception. earlier 80s of final century, inventors and master clocks Dr.George Daniels invented a clever new design and style of escapement.

This coaxial escapement was only for being set up in your prototype belonging to the impartial inventor-like table. in your previous two along with a half centuries, nearly no mechanised watchmakers enjoy the "heart" - escapement been considerable improvements. Dr.George Daniels fans desire that all tables can have this revolutionary inventions.

OMEGA may be the only recognized the long term possible of coaxial escapement belonging to the brand, and established up a process force to its commercial production. 1999, OMEGA has launched gadget 2500 coaxial escapement movement, a great deal the concern belonging to the whole mechanised watchmaking. enjoy the motion belonging to the gadget in your OMEGA coaxial escapement is two along with a half generations considering that the quite primary paragraph belonging to the new request efficiency escapement and escapement belonging to the technique can decrease the friction in between technique elements and vitality consumption.

With free of cost sprung-balance wheel, the motion for any extended time to sustain the precision and stability belonging to the operation, so enjoy nearly no lubrication. From this, equipped with coaxial escapement technique OMEGA2500 the 20th century, the motion has grow to be an essential mechanised creation belonging to the enjoy industry.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton New Maison in London New Bond Street

On May 28th, to celebrate its 125-year association with London, Louis Vuitton will reopen its New Bond Street store in London as a full fledged flagship store. This new Maison combines the existing Louis Vuitton store at 17/18 New Bond Street and the 19/20 New Bond Street and will rival the LV store on the Champs Elysées in Paris.
Louis Vuitton Maison is described as a unique concept store that links shopping, luxury, leisure, art and culture.

The first store using this format opened on the Champs-Elysées in Paris and there are three others worldwide, in Hong Kong, Taiwan and New York. Designed by the New York-based architect, Peter Marino, this 15,000 store is likely to combine shopping with a bar and art gallery and to reflect the 21st century mood of London
and bring together innovation, heritage and fashion. It is understood the fit-out will take about a year, at a cost of more than£10 million.

M. Bernard Arnault, the French tycoon who has built LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton into the world’s largest luxury goods empire, and Yves Carcelle, the chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, head a roll-call of grands fromages and celebrities arriving for the red-carpet event. And Marc Jacobs himself, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, is expected in London for the night.

Before the official opening of its New Bond Street Maison in London on May 28th 2010, Louis Vuitton will invite more than 300 special guests, celebrities and friends of the House for the gala opening on May 25.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Takashi Murakami Just Love Palace of Versailles?

Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami will show remarkable sculptures in spite of the fact that in the historical monuments in spite of the fact that in the Palace of Versailles. however the work just incurred the anger using the French traditionalists who stated the exhibition insult France in spite of the fact that in the past. because September 14 to dec 12, site visitors who go using the Palace of Versailles can see multi-colored metallic sculptures at the same time to magnificent frescoes and chandeliers.

Takashi Murakami stated in the assertion on the Versailles Palace that “Versailles is primarily a symbolic representation of Western history, among the greatest.” He added: “Palace of Versailles in my views … is primarily a definitely impartial and never the genuine world. that is what I would like depict in spite of the fact that in the exhibition.”

However, fans of Versailles Palace think it is primarily a type of insult to their belove museums. “I adore the Palace of Versailles” (Versilles Mon Amour) web-site read: “Takashi Murakami as well as the institution have no appropriate to preserve the exhibition in Versailles.” that is primarily a information that appears in spite of the fact that in the petition which has obtained additional than 3,500 signatures.

The web-site said: “Versailles is not the area you show but is among the symbols of our backdrop and culture.” Jean-JacquesAillagon, Versailles curator and past tradition Minister Earl Root, informed AFP that protesters are through the far-right fundamentalist as well as the conservative circles.