Monday, October 18, 2010

Renewed Classic on Handbags in Season

The fall handbags make use of the renewed classic profile. Lady style backpack with top handle and a small smooth leather, New Look very stylish profile. Leather or sheep leather bags for a variety of contours, like teddy bears, like people want to hold the feeling. Akiba leather and suede reference color, or colors from the light-colored cosmetics draw inspiration. Clutch is the main single product, and the use of the wrist convenient and attractive sets of handles, become more practical.

The first step is manual processing. Hippie style manual processing is superb, feathers, beads, silver wire woven yarn and the combination of woven leather to create a sense of simplicity and lack trendy tote bags, wooden beads and feathers reflect the African arts and crafts, fur shoulder bag with gold embroidery to create high-end line of bohemian style.

The second step is soft leather. Sheep leather for clothing changes for bags, classic style bag with sheep leather, distribute and comfortable atmosphere, soft sheep leather purses are fun, fashionable style for the yellow, soft sheep leather bag kind of rough feeling.

The third step is charm of the fur. Runway sets the trend of the fall leading fur coat is used bags, very eye-catching, gray and black fur to create a beautiful checkerboard pattern, fur clutch with metallic leather cover,

so witty large round eyes bulging cartoon bag bag full of vitality in a treasure box treasure box package to both classic and modern design more and more popular, large gold bracelet handle into the modern sense, to create a small ball bags, silk purses, or paint to create the day or night dress, smooth brown leather to create a novel form of small boxes.

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