Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show Ipad or Ipad Pack?

With the iPad globally in vogue, various brands just introduced related accessories one by one. All luxury brands have put on a protective coat for iPad . Doomed to failure this season was undoubtedly the most essential parts iPad Kit. As Steve Job Evaluated Apple products in this way that "each one is art", once you have this piece of art, of course, from a fashion point of view we should consider.

ipad can be described as a best seller, regardless of tidal stars per capita necessary to have a hot product, the ipad. How to choose a kind of jacket that can be consistent with their tastes and complement each other. Burberry,

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, TOD's, etc. have launched a public big rush. Now let's take a look at our selection of recommended iPad jackets.

Kim Jones, director of Dunhill design also pay attention to the market and personally penned beautifully ipad protection kits. High quality leather and unique style to create the envelope package. 
It is available in spring and summer 2011 series accessories. We see a variety of protective cover attachment right after iPad was launched in the market for less than two weeks. Days ago, we saw one at the price of $ 410, and today it goes the cheap route and now at $ 59 asking price. Of course, the quality is poorer.

This is all hand-made, through PayPal, Visa and other payment, postage is $ 8, sent from Germany. This is a bacon style jacket, in appearance, the coat and barbecue pork store no different, in fact, it is made from wool, fur and

olive soap materials.

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