Saturday, December 18, 2010

Givenchy Red Gifts for Christmas

Property red no longer just means passion. This time to more cold, cold tone dim red with a strong sense of presence, but it has nothing to do with the traditional. Can be high-profile red from head to toe, including shoes and socks; just a single product to fashion, handbags, boots or stockings; to just a pair of gloves or a simple touch of red lips. But not so festive with the red more attractive, because we need is decorative, rather than additional properties.

Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci ambitions plain, already in its 2010 autumn and winter series (others still busy to cope when the camel and khaki) to add a few black keynote shocking red pen.

Pandora famous Givenchy handbag Nightingale and also launched a red version, and the red geometric modeling wide bracelet, are very useful with a single product, fashionable and classic, worth the investment.

Wallet, wallets, business card holder, clutch ... ... Chanel light Qian neat small leather goods, to a joyful atmosphere and the people love the charm of interpretation can not bear, in the final days of the season upon us, both as Presented a reward of their

own or friends, can ignite the joy from the heart smile. Christmas series of small leather goods inspired by Chanel compact that the modern, elegant visual beauty.

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