Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gucci 3D Glasses to Show off

Recently Gucci launched the brand's first 3D glasses which make use of the popular 80's retro style design, 6D arc lens, and can support the type of polarization RealD 3D technology. Usually it also can be worn as sunglasses.

It is polarized by a single product multiple mirror technology so that the wearer, though use as ordinary sunglasses, will not distort the image. As a pair of 3D glasses that is wearing in the theater, it can also enhance the contrast effect, and in the cinema up to 98% transmittance, will not lead ring visual effect.

In addition, the anti-reflective back mirror effect increases the viewing comfort, which will not cause astigmatism, glare and other issues. When fashion meets high tech big-name designers, the price will witness a certain increase.

Gucci 3D glasses is priced at $ 275 for the time being and  will be held in December in the United States limited Gucci store sales. With 3D TV, the popularity of 3D monitors, there will be more and more fashion brands to join the ranks of the design of 3D glasses.

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