Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tara Reid with Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag in Patent

Once famous for her roles in big box office movies such as The Big Lebowski and American Pie, Tara Reid is one actress that just seemed to fall through the cracks. However, as my husband will tell you, she was pretty darn cute in her brief role as Danni on Scrubs (one of his favorite sitcoms). Despite of all this, it looks like Tara still has a great sense of style.

She’s all smiles as she signs an autograph outside the studio after her appearance on New York’s PIX11 Morning News Show. For the occasion, she wore a black turtleneck and jeans. To help keep her toasty warm, Tara also had on a puffy black coat with fur trim. And her accessory of choice?

Why it was none other than the Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag in Black Patent Leather! Not only is this bag perfect for completing one’s winter ensemble, it is great for everyday use year round as well. Plus the patent leather adds just a touch of glamor, making this bag perfect for day or night!

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