Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chanel's Men Beauty to Interpret Bags

A few days ago, the well-known fashion photographer David Byun shooted a group of commercials for the classic Chanel handbag series. In the commercials, you can find something interesting that David Byun let two stout half-naked male models interpreted the various Chanel handbags.

It is just difficult to imagine that a muscular half-naked man could hold a prosperous and elegant timeless Chanel classic 2.55, paragraph in such an ineffective way. Whether or not, the idea of making use of the male models is of great eye-catching function.
In fact, Chanel using the "male beauty" to promotional its products is not a new tactics. In the early days, Karl Lagerfeld had made use of Baptiste Giabiconi in the "Love Mother Complex "between the common interpretation of the classic Chanel handbags.
Chanel's "oedipus complex" advertisement is bold and rebellious. You can imagine that with the growing rise of the "male beauty consumption" , more male beauty in the future will involve in the ladies fashion field. The female molds might be afraid that they will face unprecedented competition and impact. Basically, the women's faces, skins and bodies are often used in various types of advertising, especially the kind of goods designed for male clients. In order to attract the attention of men, playing the "beautiful card" is often the most effective tactic. However, it was Chanel that created the dangerous precedent.

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