Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton Brows the 90s Wind

"Decadent fashion" is a popular element in 90s of last century, the key to the appearance of loose dirty show that stands out the uninhibited personality. The rock concert to commemorate the T shirt outside the set of a plaid flannel shirt is the most typical mix. The cowboy was also very popular at that time when young people love wearing jeans hypertrophy.

In the 2010 spring and summer runway, in order to surf-inspired Topshop Unique Bermuda shorts in the new series, the coolest design was popular. Balenciaga shows took us to enjoy the sexy and soft leather hood clothing while as for Gucci, the new series of similarly is inspired by extremist movements, displaying the in scuba-inspired suits and dresses, which have a hasp and the hollow processing.

As for Marc by Marc Jacobs, the dazzling colors randomly come together, for example blue accompanied by red and green, purple, accompanied by green and yellow.

Louis Vuitton also got the inspiration from Marc Jacobs. The  new spring and summer series of purse of the brand has a luxurious change with embossed leather matching the tassels and other pouches, or fur serving as a long tail. If you want cheaper and more direct look, then they would have the number of American Apparel in which  there are all kinds of nylon and denim fabric texture pockets bags.

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