Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alexander McQueen and Gucci's fate

In December 2000, Alexander McQueen made an alliance with Gucci Group and he achieved 51% stake of the company and served as the company's creative director at the same time. Who would have thought that Alexander McQueen would suddenly commit suicide. The PR department of the parent Gucci Group reduced to a distressed mood for a few days and also had to deal with inquirie from journalists and also organized related press conferences. The company employees were asked to conserve their views in advance. CEORobertPolet took part in various activities undertaken to commemorate Alexander McQueen but was able to be calm. These were to show the great support for the big star from Gucci.

Strictly speaking, Gucci Group has not much relationship with the family-owned businesses. In 1993, an Arab investment group company grasped time to make 50% of Gucci's shares listed an put an end to the era of Gucci under the family control. Now Gucci has made a great success and it is now the world's third-largest luxury goods group.

The large-scale Gucci Group now includes Gucci, BottegaVeneta, YvesSaintLau-rent, YSL Beaute, Balenciaga, Boucheron, SergioRossi, BEDAT & CO, AlexanderMcQueen and StellaMcCartney and many other famous international brands. Bewildering a variety of products including clothing, accessories, jewelry, leather goods, watches, cosmetics, perfume, Gucci has become the synonymous of the new modern-ism.

In some degree, Alexander McQueen had made a lot contributions to the success of Gucci.

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