Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paris Hilton Stirs Portofino with Christian Dior Blue Tote

Look at the symbolic head string and side-swept blond hair, everyone knows it is Paris Hilton who is going to cause a fashion stir, but who knows what handbag would have the honour to be showed around from her gigantic closet?

The Chanel quilted leather flap bag with which she pairs her pink calico dress, or the sappire Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma tote she takes with to grab all eyes? No, no one can predict Paris Hilton's thoughts, not to speak of keeping pace with her capricious likes. This time she wants a lake-blue Christian Dior python tote to top off her beach getup. Just look the stunning sunny Paris Hilton the Queen with the luxe. I just don't understand why the silly Stavros Niarchos broke up with such a gorgeous girlfriend!

Everytime Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton goes for street spree there is a huge stir. People rush to see the heiress not for her private helicopter but for what fashion information she conveys. It seems lots of celebs has spent their summer vocation in Italy, but I bet Jessica Simpson's maxi dress and three lumbersome Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas totes can't be to-die-for fashion target.

It is Paris Hilton who needn't give any speech, strolling as carefree as possible on the street of Portofino and expecting her purple blouse and dress plus the most amazing Christian Dior bag to invite everyone's envy and pursuit!

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