Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Black Chanel classic flap bag

I just love the red Chanel classic flap bag of big size, unfortunately only black and beige Chanel classic flap bags are available.

As for the limited edition in the Valentine's Day, only the orange patent leather was available and the color for me is too sharp. I continued preaching in the black Chanel classic flap bag of the medium size, then I leaved quickly after buying.

Although the soft lambskin is good, I am not a person who can take good care of a designer handbag. It was at a rush when I bought it, actually I forgot to have a look at the Chanel 2.55. Yet it was priced at HKD23400, really expensive.

The medium Chanel classic flap bag has so many compartments but they are all separated so the capacity is limited. My long-wallet accounts for 2 / 3 of the space and keys and wallet almost takes up the remaining space.

Someone implied me that I should change another designer handbag. How much is the medium 2.55 going for now? I don't know. Everyone is saying it’s a must-have item and a dream that they want to come true. The Chanel classic flap bag has a finish as tough as Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. It is known that Louis Vuitton monogram canvas can stand a long time, this Chanel classic flap bag can also stand the test of time, which I discribe as outlive.

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