Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review the Last Bus of Louis Vuitton 09 F/W

Review the Louis Vuitton 09 F/W collection, it has not brought us a lot of fresh and more fashionable things. A quick glance can have a panoramic view about those classic old style of Louis Vuitton. The LV bags feature traditional colors and simple yet elegant style. However, we are familiar with these styles. Although this new series is called African king's traveling wardrobe. This probably can explain in this way that though large numbers of bags appear but anyone who really want to be found from the series, like Eddie Murphy's "come and go as the U.S. (Coming to America)" in the African customs, then we would be excited.

Louis Vuitton bag

It do not have much significant romance in Africa expect the highlight of the color. Africa characteristics, the decent color of the land, or the characteristics of clothing of the African king (chief) , royalblue are highlighted. No particular novelty is also a highlight of color, maintaining the inherent characteristics of the products of the new season. It can also just make loyal fans of Louis Vuitton to continue maintain respect for this big brand!
Louis Vuitton bag 2

Now I draw up an inventory of these bags for your reference. The collection includes diagonal dual-use hand-held black canvas leather handbag, Monogram suitcase, Monogram briefcase, Monogram football lines traveling bag, black canvas traveling bag, blue print shopping bag, Damier traveling bag, Monogram small size briefcase, print silk shopping bag and Monogram code case.

Guys, among so many choices for different usages, what will you choose? A Monogram football lines traveling bag or a black canvas traveling bag? A blue print shopping bag or a Monogram small size briefcase?

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