Thursday, February 4, 2010

Claudia Schiffer with Balenciaga Medium Sunday Patchwork

It’s German born supermodel Claudia Schiffer, spotted out and about in London. Wearing layers of lose clothing and oversized sunglasses; Claudia proves that you can dress comfortable and still look stylish. Spot the baby bump? A couple of day’s prior, Claudia announced the joyful news of her pregnancy with baby number three. Exciting news for her and the entertaining world, and to celebrate, why not get your hands on one of the latest handbag styles to the fashion world. Claudia Schiffer showed off one of the latest Balenciaga styles, it’s the Patchwork Medium Sunday tote. The Sunday seems to be one of the most functional and comfortable over-the-shoulder tote bag that every Balenciagaaddict is waiting to discover.

balenciaga handbag

Personally, I prefer one solid colored leather to an array of multiple patches, but if you dare to try this eye-catching multicolored style, you can find it in Claudia’s pick of Black and Dark Green or in the Black and Vermillion version as well. This unique piece doesn’t run cheap as it currently retails for $2,345. This price is not cheap, you can buy some replica handbags on LVBAGMALL.

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