Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Gentle Revolutionary In The Gucci Empire

In past few years, Frida Giannini had lived up to the expectation of Tom Ford and watered the Gucci Accessory into a giant milch cow. When Tom Ford resigned from the post, she calmly took over the whole forest in the turbulent times and grew many miracles every season.

Frida giannini Gucci

Frida Giaini has a classic oval-shaped face and long hair parted in the middle. She always dresses in black dress and matches with eye-catching gold accessories, but she is much gentle and restrained compared with most fashionable Italian girls.

Due to this gentle character, she tamed the once overbearing Gucci. When she was appointed as the creative director of Gucci female clothes, no one would expect what a future she would bring to this famous and old brand, after all her former success was only limited to the field of accessories. The Gucci girls created by Frida Giannini are very changeable, and braver than any other time—however, just as sexy is not equal to bareness, brave does not equal to extreme. “Women who can take control of themselves are most charming,” she said, “let’s wear clothes that make you happy and comfortable.”

From accessory to female clothes,ladies handbag and then male clothes and shop design, Frida Giannini firmly controls her fashion empire. The Gucci flagship store opened in Shanghai on last year is designed by herself. In fact, if she follows her parents’ expectation, she would become an architect. However, she only lives according to her own will. She also likes architecture, but her dream is fashion design. What would she become if she hasn’t become a fashion designer? Her answer is a rock singer. This is the Frida Giannini who bring the gentle revolutionary in the Gucci Empire.

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